About Radcliffe First

In April 2019 a group of Radcliffe residents decided to start working together to correct the neglect and mismanagement of resources from local government services. As a result of our commitment and can-do attitude Radcliffe First was formed. You, the people of Radcliffe, were desperately screaming for change. Radcliffe First heard and answered. 

In May 2019, James Mason was elected as Councillor for Radcliffe East. In August 2019 Mike Smith was elected as Councillor for Radcliffe West. In May 2021 Carol Birchmore became our third councillor. In May 2022 we managed to get 8 of our 9 candidates elected in an all out election only missing a full house by 77 votes. 

Our only reason for becoming councillors is to make a difference for YOU by giving Radcliffe a strong voice in Bury Council, something we all, as residents, have been lacking for a long time. We are heavily involved in the community simply because we care so much about Radcliffe.

Since 2019, we have started to see positive change in Radcliffe. We are hopeful that after the 2nd May 2024, you will have 8 Radcliffe First Councillors in Radcliffe, working hard to make a difference, in the community we call home. We need your vote to make this happen.

We are a registered political party. Our Councillors take their roles very seriously and will continue to listen to residents and businesses about what they want to see in our town.

We don’t always shout about the good causes we support, the voluntary work we do, or about the individual casework that we carry. Neither do we draw comparisons to make ourselves look better. Most of what we do, is not for a photo opportunity!

We are proud of our Radcliffe First Community Fund, created by donations from our Councillors allowance, so that we can support groups within our town. 

We live, work and drive in Radcliffe. We walk and shop here. We spend our leisure time with friends and family in the restaurants, pubs, parks, and beautiful open spaces in Radcliffe. We are your neighbours. We stand up for you. We work hard for you. We want what is best for our community and our town.

Our party is unique in that it is solely about Radcliffe. We will…

  • continue the fight against any building on our Green Belt and insist on properly affordable homes for everyone
  • continue with the campaign for our secondary school and leisure facilities.
  • challenge the neglect of roads and look at ways to effectively reduce congestion.
  • campaign for open and transparent decision making in our town.
  • argue for more investment, encouraging new and exciting businesses into the town as part of its regeneration.
  • actively support the council to prosecute against fly tippers, littering and dog mess.
  • remain involved with the town centre regeneration in the long term, improving parking and enhancing leisure & business opportunities

If you choose not to vote, you are telling everyone that you are happy with the way things are right now.

Are you happy?... 

Please remember to take photo ID with you when you go to vote. For more details search for “Voter ID” on the Bury Council website