Radcliffe West Councillors

Mike Smith - Radcliffe West

First elected by election 2019 current term 2023-2027

About Mike

I was somewhat of a late arrival to Radcliffe First. I didn’t attend the first meeting and was drawn into the group when I first met Carol Birchmore on a community event in early 2019. I was impressed and delivered leaflets in my area for her campaign.


I came to Radcliffe aged 5, attended St John’s Primary School and went on to Radcliffe Secondary Modern, as it was then called, or the New School for some. I was fortunate to grow up in a town that had lots of industry and opportunity. Radcliffe was a thriving, busy place with youth clubs and community offerings that kept me occupied and generally out of trouble. I worked at Radcliffe Paper Mill and a textile mill in the town for over twenty years.

Would I like those opportunities to be there for young people now? Of course I would, but time moves on and we need to build new opportunities for the next generation. That’s where Radcliffe First can help make a difference. It’s no coincidence that all the talk of revitalising the town has followed the creation of this group. We have come a long way in the 3 years since the creation of this party and the election of its first councillor. When the regeneration starts in earnest, the social value parts of the scheme will create opportunity for local people to get involved and learn new skills. That is something we want to see.

So, what do I want to see over the next twelve months?

The New High School

We should see the plans for the school in the next few months, the first pupil intake is stated for September 2024 and that is currently on track with the land, a partner and the funding has been signed off. A high standard of education without the need to travel miles out of town is the least we can demand.


Detailed plans for the Hub and Market Chambers should be available by early March and shovels in the ground will be visible this year. Hopefully this will allay the fears of some who still believe it won’t happen.

Places for Everyone

I don’t think anybody believes this is the right scheme for Radcliffe as is evidenced by the back peddling some are doing on the issue. We will continue our opposition to this plan.

Clean Air Zone

The compensation available is nowhere near enough to allow ordinary folk to switch to compliant vehicles. With the costs rising as fast as opposition to the plan, phase two is under review. We will not support this plan should it come back to council. Having the casting vote on plans, such as this, will be crucial after the May elections.

Lots of you out there will know me; you will see me around Radcliffe and probably see more of me in the run up to local elections. This isn’t because I want to be seen around at election time, it’s because I live here, I spend my time here and I want people to be able to bend my ear if they have an issue. The only thing I can promise is that I will continue to do my best for Radcliffe. I will continue to work with community groups, police, Metrolink staff and residents on casework issues.

The opportunity to give Radcliffe people the final say in plans for the borough in general will be yours this year so I ask that you take this opportunity to elect nine Radcliffe First councillors in May to be your voice.

Email Mike: mike.smith@bury.gov.uk

Glyn Marsden 

Current term 2022 - 2026

About Glyn

In 2021 I stood as a candidate for Radcliffe First in the North ward and gained a great deal of support but unfortunately wasn’t elected on that occasion. However, this year I have been selected as one of the candidates for Radcliffe West ward. I am a business owner in the centre of the town and have good local knowledge of the area so I will work hard to make sure that we achieve the best for residents and local businesses.

As the owner of a courier business, I strongly oppose the plans for the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone and if I had the opportunity to vote on this issue as a councillor, I would certainly vote against it.

We need to reinstate a positive pride within our community and work towards making a positive change locally. I live here, work here and want my children to feel safe and proud of the neighbourhood we live in. Together we can create more opportunities and investment that will enrich the lives of our family, friends and neighbours. Together we can make a difference and I will campaign for all matters that affect the town.

Radcliffe needs its local amenities, a civic centre, leisure facilities and a high school, and I will continue to strive for these.

One of the priorities for Radcliffe First has been crime and anti-social behaviour. We should be able to live in a safe and welcoming environment and as such I will continue toseek partnership and community involvement and work with local police and other community projects in order to create cleaner, safer streets and decrease anti-social behaviour. As a party we have already developed a good working relationship with the police and we will continue to support their initiatives in tackling such problems. It’s only by working together that we can begin and continue to change.

Radcliffe First has put pressure on the local council on many issues including the high school and the regeneration of the town centre. I strongly believe that without such pressure we would still be the forgotten town. What is important is that Radcliffe’s regeneration should be driven by the people of Radcliffe. There are already a number of local charities and organisations working hard to make the town a better place to live and with the interesting plans that have been produced for the regeneration of the town centre, the future of Radcliffe looks exciting and achievable.

It is good news that funding for the school has been secured and I will continue to push for a high school of outstanding quality as well as striving to make sure that the standard of education is achievable throughout all schools in Radcliffe.

I’m committed to caring about our town’s health; protecting our community’s mental and physical well-being.

I will work with other agencies and community groups who are proactive in the management of our green spaces, flood risks, congestion and pollution levels.

Let me reassure you that as a Radcliffe First Councillor I intend to fight for the best possible outcome for Radcliffe and its surrounding areas.

Email g.marsden@bury.gov.uk

Des Duncalfe

Current term 2022 - 2024

About Des

Although I am not Radcliffe born, I moved here in 1973 when I married Caroline. She was born here, and we have since lived all our married life in the town. Our children were fortunate to go to Radcliffe High School but sadly that is not the case for our grandchildren.

For thirty-five years I was a technical advisor working in the engineering side of garment manufacturing. I then spent the next nine years selling engineering consumables and the last five and a half years working for Bury Metropolitan Borough Council grounds maintenance. This gave me an idea of how the different departments of the council interact with each other. I retired at the end of my time with BMBC.

I am currently the co-ordinator/admin for The Cams Lane Neighbourhood Watch Group. We have around 400 members and are closely involved with the local police force and the National Neighbourhood Watch movement. I am glad to say the group has been very successful in reducing crime on the estate. Last year, I organised the buying and installing of a community defibrillator which is now installed on Harper Fold Road. I am also a member of Radcliffe Litter Pickers and regularly volunteer for picks around the town and work on the parish churchyard.

My membership of Radcliffe First came about because I was disenchanted with the three main parties, both at a national level but more so at a local level. When I first came to live in Radcliffe, in 1973, it was a great little town which had everything you could want locally. This has since changed dramatically.

My first and most important promise to you all is that I have no political ambitions beyond that of the Radcliffe First Party and the interests of the people and town.

So far, Radcliffe First has done a great job for Radcliffe and I hope with my help it will continue to fight for the future of our town.

I am one of their candidates for the Radcliffe West ward and here are a few things I stand for:

  1. The safety and security of the people of Radcliffe is a first and foremost issue for me and my involvement in the Neighbourhood Watch Network has really brought that to the forefront of my involvement with Radcliffe First. I would dearly like to build on the work Radcliffe First has done with the local police agencies and expand upon it.
  2. I am totally opposed to the building of houses on designated Green Belt land. We have enough brownfield sites around to satisfy any commitments to affordable housing.
  3. I am strongly against the proposals for the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone and if given the opportunity, I would certainly vote against it as a councillor.
  4. Although I am generally in favour of the proposed town centre hub, it has, for me, some clearly undesired effects. For example, I am not in favour of moving the library but the regeneration of the town centre is a priority which has been awarded funding.
  5. We need to ensure that work on the new high school starts as soon as possible and be given the assurance that it is indeed a building to last.
  6. Radcliffe Market Hall has clearly been a success. The fact that some of our old favourite shops and outlets have managed to still find a place there, is comforting. Bringing more local facilities, shops and businesses to the area is clearly the way forward and Bury Council has, only now with pressure from Radcliffe First Councillors, had their blinkers taken off about Radcliffe.
  7. Finally, my biggest objective is totally gaining back our independent structure from BMBC.

In closing, the way forward is to win all the seats in Radcliffe for the Radcliffe First Party.

Email Des: d.duncalfe@bury.gov.uk