Radcliffe East Councillors

Carol Birchmore 

First elected 2021 current term 2022-2026

About Carol

I ran a successful campaign in May 2021 and was elected as a Radcliffe First Councillor. Since being elected I have worked hard representing the residents of Radcliffe East ward. However, as there is so much to do in Radcliffe, I believe we have only scratched the surface.

My hope for Radcliffe is that it will become an area where changes are driven by the community and its residents are listened to. The future of Radcliffe should be decided by the people who live there and not by a small group of individuals at Bury Town Hall.

I am involved in the community as an active member of numerous organisations including Radcliffe Litter Pickers, Little Britain Anglers and Radcliffe Rotary and I have also been involved in a number of community garden projects. Through my involvement in the community, I have got to know lots of people who are working for the good of Radcliffe which is fantastic to see.

I love being a councillor and I believe that we are starting to see changes. I am happy to work with whoever is trying to improve Radcliffe whether that is making connections with council departments, the local police, councillors from other parties or being involved in local projects.

Why do I do it then?

Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. I was one of the founders of Radcliffe First because I was fed up of the way Radcliffe was treated. I was fed up of asking questions and feeling that Bury Council had no intention of answering them. I come from a background where I was taught to fight to ensure that everybody gets listened to. My grandad was an old-style Labour Councillor in Pendlebury, my mum was awarded the MBE for child protection work in an area which, at the time, was considered one of the most deprived in Salford. I had it instilled in me that if you think things are wrong, you do something to change it.

What is it like being a councillor?

It is hard work! But it is also very rewarding especially when you see results for the residents, and the town as a whole, such as the plans for the new school, community hub and leisure facilities. I honestly believe that it’s due to the pressure from Radcliffe First that has made Bury Council get involved and make the area a priority.

I represent Radcliffe First on several council committees such as Overview & Scrutiny and Health Scrutiny and I am proud to be involved in the group dealing with the regeneration of the town which is both exciting and interesting to see plans developed and hear the reassurances that it is happening.

Do we get things wrong?

Absolutely, but we always try our best. Remember we are scrutinising the work and policies put together by people whose full-time job it is, and who are sometimes paid over £100K to do that job.

And yes, we got it wrong in July 2021 on the issue of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone. The consultation was inadequate and we weren’t in possession of the full facts. It is wrong, and if I have an opportunity to change that decision in the future I will.

I have a range of skills which I believe are useful to my work as a councillor. I have worked in a number of roles as an engineer in industry. I am proud of my academic achievements and having come from an ordinary background attending a comprehensive school in a very working-class area where the expectation was to work at the local factory. I consider myself to be a good mentor to others. I am a passionate believer in ensuring every child from whatever background is given the chance to achieve their full potential.

I am also a committee member of Bury Folk Keep it Green who actively campaign to protect Radcliffe’s Green Belt along the canal and round Elton Reservoir.

I will continue to carry on what I have started as part of a group of councillors who genuinely have the best interests of Radcliffe at heart. I am tough and determined and you can be sure I will fight for what is right.

Email Carol: c.birchmore@bury.gov.uk

Mary Walsh

First elected 2022 current term 2023-2027

About Mary

Radcliffe has been my home since getting married in 1975. I was a member of the church on Bridgefield Street and I am now Co-Pastor there. It has been my privilege to serve Radcliffe as a Police Officer enabling me to become more familiar with the area and the people. Since that time, I owned, managed, and taught a driving school in Radcliffe allowing me to gain insight to the next generation (or two).


Since 2016 I have volunteered as a Street Pastor, working in the night-time economy of Bury, where I talk to anyone who is out, in need of assistance or just wants to talk. I have been working with the Neighbourhood Police Officers to introduce a similar scheme in Radcliffe. To date, there has been a delay, but am hopeful for us to be out and about in Radcliffe soon.

One of my passions is for justice, and for many years I have seen the injustice foisted upon Radcliffe by Bury Council. I will stand up for its residents, and did so, when I recently submitted extensive suggestions for the regeneration of the town. I was a member of the Radcliffe and Redvales Flood Defence Group, who were the instigators of having the flood defences developed along the River Irwell in Radcliffe East. This was to prevent the residents from undergoing the trauma of losing their belongings through flood damage.

Quite simply, I want to see Radcliffe restored, regenerated and recognised. Planning applications by developers need proper scrutiny to prevent homes and other buildings being built on areas prone to flooding, and presently to prevent the destruction of historical artefacts and wildlife.

I will continue to work with the local police to deal with issues of anti-social behaviour. I have already started to look into a new approach to homelessness in the area and will continue to work with other community groups to ensure this is achieved.

I do NOT support the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone and am verbally active in fighting this. If I have an opportunity to vote on this in the future, as a councillor I will certainly be voting against it.

I will continue to ensure that Bury Council maintain their promises of making the new high school and regeneration of the town a priority.

It is my privilege to be able to represent the townsfolk of Radcliffe on behalf of Radcliffe First within the Radcliffe East ward.

Those who know me, know that I am willing to listen to people and that I am willing to stand up for what I believe is right and best for others

Email Mary: m.walsh@bury.gov.uk