Ken Simpson – Radcliffe East

I live in Radcliffe and care deeply for the town I have lived in for over 18 years. My overall aim as your Councillor is to represent your interests & get the best possible deal for you & the town.

I am a very proud Father to a daughter who is a serving Police Officer in GMP. I’m an Army Veteran, Chair of Radcliffe Branch Royal British Legion, Deputy Leader of Radcliffe First, Community Volunteer, Radcliffe Litter Picker & an Adult Care worker.

  • To report on the state of our roads and ensure repairs are done speedily.
  • To find the causes of missed bin collections and help council staff find remedies.
  • Oppose building on land around Elton Reservoir & protect our countryside & wildlife. Over 3500 houses are NOT needed & will overburden our already struggling local infrastructure.
  • To oppose any GM wide charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ). This hasn’t gone away. I will also oppose any plan to bring in 15-minute city regulations to any area of Radcliffe without the explicit permission of any local people affected.
  • To continue to work hard with local community groups throughout the year to improve our town and the lives of our residents. Not for photo opportunities at election time.
  • As a former youth worker, I want more youth provision to promote positive choices and activities for our children.

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Ken Simpson for Radcliffe East

Thursday 2nd May 2024